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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A tree fell “At Home”

Last night the forecast was clear (Ha!). At 1:00 am we were woken by lightning and the sudden onrush of a violent thunderstorm. As I was closing the window in my front office downstairs (our recording control room) I saw the huge trees by our house whipping back and forth like blades of grass. I hollered to Jane to get out of the upstairs bedroom, and seconds later there was a huge crack and one of the huge trunks gave way and fell towards the house.

I jumped out of my office and the thing crashed on the house and the power went out. I went upstairs to see if it had broken through the ceiling and window, but all I could see was the bedroom window with foliage across it. It was impossible to tell how bad the damage was, and with the possibility of a live electric cable in the wild rain, it wasn’t safe to go outside.

After having emergency services determine that our hydro lines were intact and there was no leakage, we managed to get some sleep. We awoke to the scene below.

Here’s the amazing part. Besides a slightly bent eaves trough and about six shingles that needed patching, there was no damage! The section had miraculously landed at such an angle that it just missed the power lines, and hit the roof with the weight distributed across a number of points. The tree removal team said we were extremely lucky—that’s an understatement!

So the “At Home” recording project will continue . . . 

That's our bedroom up there! The room below all the branches is the control room.

1 comment:

  1. ...nature can be pretty scary. The wind, the lightning, the trees... yow, like you said, you guys were lucky. A tree hitting the power lines during a storm is bad stuff, and thankfully no one was hurt from all this, and the roofing isn't badly damaged at all! That's really great!