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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The final set-up day

Tomorrow is piano day. I have the instrument on three songs and Doug Wilde is coming from Toronto to lay those down with us on Friday. I booked Paul Wall from Kitchener to do the tuning ages ago, and the poor thing has been shifting sharp—along with all the guitars—because of the damp weather. It’s a beautifully constructed early 40s Nordheimer apartment upright.

Yesterday we closed up the house and turned on the central air (which we rarely use) and a dehumidifier to gently bring the humidity down before the tuning. Right now the humidity outdoors is at 94% and we managed to bring it down to 60% by this morning. The ideal for pianos is 50-60%.

Pall arrived at 9:30 am and got to work. Within an hour he had it sounding great and suggested we hold the humidity at 60% through the recording. Yes sir!

Then I got to work clearing out the house and Jane prepared food. I cleaned up the back deck, rehearsed a bit and had a nap. Energy conservation is key. Jane never stopped in the kitchen, so I hope she gets a good sleep tonight!

I rooted around our garage for work song-type items for rhythm on “Pilin’ Line.” I pulled out some sledge hammers, axes, crowbars, old ball-peen hammers of my grandfather’s—even a little anvil! The boys are gonna have fun on Saturday morning!
 tonight . . .

The gear.

The veggie curry, with the last potatoes from our 2010 garden.

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