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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More session photos

Here are some photos from Friday, June 24.

Just a few of the many headphones we used last weekend.

In the 70s, I took the body of that guitar, and wired it to a makeshift turntable on an old washing machine motor. I got it spinning and poured paint on it!

Heather MacRae (now a Doctor of Naturopathy, so get in line!), brought her home made spring rolls and other goodies. She's the inspiration for the song "Right Here," which I wrote for her wedding. Great singer, too.

Jesse reacting to Adam's ignerrit groove.

Tannis Slimmon, Guelph's Queen of Smiles.

Tricia Brubacher getting ready for video duty (and vocal duty the next day).

Adam Bowman reacting to Jesse's stoopit bass riffs.

Doug Wilde loading up lunch—fresh greens from the garden, cous-cous salad, hummous, veggies, edamame, spring rolls, and-I-can't-remember-what-else.