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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harmony changes and guitar work

When Doug added some gospel piano changes to the arrangement of “Right Here,” he suggested a linking diminished chord in the chorus that I realized might change the vocal harmonies. Today I viewed the rehearsal video and checked the harmony parts against it, expecting that I’d have to send the singers a corrected file.

As it turns out, the upper third harmony does indeed need to change - by one note in one location! It’s so obvious that I don’t the singers will have difficulty with it. One more thing I can cross off my list!

I spent some time solidifying the slide intro and solo in “We Want Peace,” which I keep forgetting and changing! As it turned out, I ended up with something even better.

In “Sinner’s Child,” I don’t start playing until the solo, which is feeling really good, though I have altered some positional aspects of it that make the parts really resonate. At the latest band rehearsal, Doug told me it sounded like George Harrison, which is quite a compliment. George didn’t play it from a blues perspective but as a melodic voice like a violin. When Paul, George, and Ringo recorded Lennon’s “Free As A Bird” song, Harrison performed one of the most moving slide solos of his career over a stunning modulated chord sequence:

Ah, The Beatles. They woke me up to music in 1964 when I was 13, and I still adore their stuff.

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