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Friday, June 24, 2011

The second last recording session

The house was full today! We banged off three songs, and had photographer James Dean from Toronto documenting the day, along with Tricia Brubacher and Heather MacRae shooting video. Here are a few shots from the festivities.

This is Jane shooting James shooting Tricia shooting Jane with Jesse on bass and Doug at the keys.

Doug running through "Sinner's Child," and Nik conferring with Adam.

Sam conferring with Adam on an aspect of "We Want Peace."

Jeff Bersche in a jovial mood prior to screaming his lungs out on "We Want Peace."

Laura Bird singing "we want love . . . "

The happy hosts.

The whole crew (minus Tricia, and James taking the shot) on our deck. Standing left: Rich Lagedijk. Standing right: Adam Bowman. Back row from left: Jeff Bersche, Doug Wilde, Dennis Gaumond, Jesse Turton, Heather MacRae. Sitting on the bench from left: Tannis Slimmon, Jane Lewis. Sitting on the deck from left: Sam Turton, Laura Bird, Nik Tjelios.

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