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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photos from Friday

I’m crazy busy doing more preproduction recordings for the final songs, so I can’t get to reporting on the last sessions yet. But here are some shots, taken by our good friend, singer, and imminent naturopath, Heather MacRae.

Yummies! Fruit, homemade cookies and brownies, roasted almonds, organic nachos and salsa, cucumber, broccoli, carrots, and celery. Out of the frame: potato-leek soup, homemade bread, and hummous.

 Jesse, Jane, and Adam in the Eat & Record Kitchen!

Apparently my chart has blown Adam's mind. The one, white, fingerless glove is not an attempt to mimic Michael Jackson, or Donald Duck—it's to keep my sweaty hands from sticking to the bridge cover of my National. And the bare feet are not an attempt to mimic McCartney on Abbey Road, either.

Katherine in our upstairs hallway vocal "booth." We're running through a part.

Tannis enjoying the scent of Spring microphone. Jane is setting up the video tripod in front of her home office.

Jane with her giant coffee mug—an Iris Dorton creation! No, I'm not looking down a manhole. That's a cool little sound baffle (not yet in proper position), and I'm staring at my tuner. The blinding light is from the Mothership hovering over our front window—they like my slide playing.