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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The day before

We are ridiculously ready. The house is clean, the food is made, and my office organized the way Nik needs it. Adam dropped by and set up his drums with a different bass head. It has a hole in it for a more focused sound, since the next songs are a bit more dynamic.

Nik spent the day swinging by the homes of all our great musical friends, acquiring necessary gear. He just dropped by and set a bunch of it up.

I ran through the tunes once for good measure, and cleaned my strings. I’ll be using my National Estralita Deluxe resonator for “Next Time,” and "Walk With Me,” my Garrison G20 for “Yes Indeed,” and my Yamaha FG-300 for “Hound Dog.”

In retrospect, I realize that I carried a certain level of nervousness last time that I’m not feeling now. Last time I was facing quite a few unknowns. Now the whole process seems familiar and the nervousness has been replaced by an expectant internal hum. It’s a good feeling.

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