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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The 81 year-old magic carpet

In 1930, Gladys Jones visited the Canadian National Exhibition. At a display of Canadian-made carpets, a large, 9’ x 12’ woolen rug caught her eye. She loved its simple design, high-quality craftsmanship, and rich burgundy tone. She bought it on the spot, and laid it out in the parlour with her piano.

After soaking up decades of good piano vibrations, Gladys’ beloved burgundy carpet is now balancing the sound for the “At Home” recording sessions. You see, Gladys is Jane’s grandmother! Gladys married Charles Lewis, and as a skilled pianist and avid music lover, inspired her children and children’s children to play. Jane not only carries on the tradition, she also has Gladys’ curly hair!

Jane’s mother Janet brought the carpet from their living room in St. Catharines for our sessions. It normally soaks up piano vibrations from the Kimball baby grand of Jane’s father, Paul Lewis. In our June sessions, it’ll adjust the tones of our 1946 Canadian-made Nordheimer, for three songs of mine—“Sinner’s Child,” “We Want Peace,” and “Right Here.”

The connections and synchronicities continue—check out the colour of Adam’s drums . . . 

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