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Friday, May 6, 2011

Levels of listening

I’ve started listening to the rough mixes of “Hard Task.” There are 7 of them, and we were fairly sure that one of the last three was the “keeper.” I didn’t want to assume, however, and began listening to them all.

The first listen was non-critical, an opportunity to “feel” it. I wanted to let myself get a sense of the song and how it was coming across. In that pass, I was delighted at how consistent they all were. I could hear a bit of the shakiness I mentioned in the post, “Recording - Day 2,” but it wasn’t as problematic as I had imagined at the time.

As I kept listening through them all, it was true that in the last three I could sense a deep togetherness in myself and the band. I could feel it as much as hear it.

Jane and I are off to see Paul Simon ay Massey Hall in Toronto, a wonderful 107-year-old venue that seats only 3,500. And we’re on the floor only a few rows back! Tomorrow I’ll continue with the mixes and settle on the ones that feel the best. Then on to the next level of listening!

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