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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wee tour and holiday!

Jane and I are headed up to Haliburton today to be on CANOE FM 100.9 with host Kris Kadwell. His show is called, "Paddling Beyond the Main Stream," and we'll be featured with live and recorded songs. On Friday we'll head to South River to play The Café. On Saturday we'll go to Bracebridge to play the Griffin Gastropub. On Sunday we're headed back to South River to join Jane's family for a few days housesitting a home-on-the-lake for a family friend. A needed break.

Since internet is iffy up there, I may not post on this blog until we get back in a week.

Until then, here are a few more Kate Vanderhorst shots of the vocalists for "Just a Little Bit." There were three groups of three vocalists, and each group had one simple harmonized part that overlapped the others. Simple but complicated!

This group had the phrase, "Just a little." From left, Dennis Gaumond, Jane Lewis, and Guy Stefan standing in our upstairs bedroom.

This group had the phrase, "Hmmm, just a little bit." That's Rich Langedijk, Jeff Bersche, and Joni NehRita in the upstairs hallway. Rich is joking with the group in the bedroom.

This group had the phrase, "Little bit." That's Tannis Slimmon, Heather MacRae, and Tricia Brubacher in Jane's upstairs office at the end of the hall.

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