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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Even more photos from Saturday, June 25 sessions

After Pilin' Line was done, Kate insisted on getting some shots of the homesteaders.

The background is a wild section of yard behind our workshop space where we keep our compost bins and woodpiles. The wood behind us is from the maple tree that fell on our house.

Yes, we were Siamese twins in a past life . . .

I absolutely adore this woman. I wouldn't be where I'm at without Jane's steady love, support, and inspiration.

That's my boy! Oh yeah, and the peeker dude is my other drummer boy. Nice Juno swag watch.

Dennis, Jane, and Guy, in discussion about the vocal complexities of "Just A Little Bit." Their part was, "Just a little," "Just a little," "Just a little," "Just a little," "Just a little" . . . 

All photos by Kate Vanderhorst.

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