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Monday, July 4, 2011

More photos from Saturday, June 25 sessions

There was the singing. And then there was the backwoods percussion session.

That's me emerging from our "mini back 40, " with an old stump that just might make a resonant thumping sound . . . 

This one is even better!

From the left: Tannis Slimmon dropping a cedar 4x4 on another cedar 4x4; Mike Driscoll hitting a rock with one of my grandfather's old ball peen hammers; Jan Vanderhorst thumping a stump with a hammer; Dennis Gaumond thumping a bigger stump (very nice low tone, you guys!); Jeff Bersche whacking a small anvil on a stump with another ball peen hammer; Guy Stefan hitting a metal wedge with an old wooden maul; Rich Langedijk bonking a cedar 4x4 with another hammer. It may look funny, but it sounded great!

Tricia filming as I give complex instructions. Nice garden in the foreground, eh?

Jeff and Guy deep into the groove. I told them it was a work song!

All photos by Kate Vanderhorst. 

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