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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Appreciation of Nik

The "At Home" project would not be possible without the experience, talent, musical sensitivity—and good nature—of Nik Tjelios, the master engineer. Kate Vanderhorst took a few shots of Nik at work.

When we discussed recording my work song, "Pilin' Line," Nik suggested that we do it outside, because he loves natural acoustics. Here he is setting up mics in our back yard.

Nik is also a talented musician with a keen ear. Here he is checking the sound of singing and clapping. The stump was there as a "found" percussion instrument.

Setting up my lead vocal mic.

Sound control central—my wee office.

Nik emerging from the back door to give pointers to the group. Tannis Slimmon with headphones. Jane filming every bloody thing with her little recorder. Tricia Brubacher taking note. Heather MacRae and Tannis Maynard-Langedijk taking a break on the deck. 

The big red mic—and me hauling a pail of my grandad's tools for percussion.

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