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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ready to get at it

After an intense year, the latter half of December has been a bit of a respite. I thought I'd a take a breather for a few days, but discovered after that my body just didn't want to do anything—for a lot longer than I expected. It needed a holiday, a break, and there was no use pushing the river.

It's been great sleeping in, going at my own pace, hanging out with friends and family, eating good food, reading a book, playing a bit. But after a fun New Year's Eve here with Jane, Katherine Wheatley, and Marianne Girard, making homemade pizza, playing board games, drinking champagne, and laughing our heads off, I feel like getting up and making things happen. Maybe it's the psychological sense of a new year. I don't know. In case case, I'm ready to go!

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