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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Outtake transcripts - Track #1 - Welcome

Here is the first transcript of the outtakes from AT HOME. Now you won't have to guess who is who! More to come . . .

1. Welcome

It is about 10:30 am, Sam is sitting in front of the microphones at his living room station, warming up his slide licks and vocals. He and Jane are talking about the logistics of the “Next Time” session that is about to start. Nik is in the office control room getting the gear ready to record. Tannis, Katherine, Jesse, and Adam are coming around the corner from snacking in the kitchen, carrying hot mugs of tea and coffee.

Sam: . . . we’re going through. It’s up to them.

Jane: Well, we’re probably gonna have to do a run-through to see the levels, so . . .

Sam: That’s true.

Katherine: Are we upstairs?

Tannis: Yessss!

Sam: . . . positions on the set.

(Sounds of Sam warming up on vocals and resonator, Jesse getting his bass ready by the front door, Adam clicking his sticks at his kit in the dining room, Tannis and Jane walking up the stairs to their microphones.)

Jane: (unintelligible) (She points at her water bottle to see if Sam wants any)

Sam: No, no.

Katherine: (stirring tea in the kitchen) Anyone else for tea? Or anything?

Sam: I’m fine.

Tannis: (settling at her upstairs microphone) There.

Sam: So let me know when you folks are ready, and uh . . .

Jane: (exhales through her nose)

Nik: Anytime in here.

Sam: Okay.

Jane: We’re, I think we’re ready up here. Everybody ready, ready up here?

Tannis: Yup.

Sam: Okay? Alright.

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