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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Outtake transcripts - Track #6 - Getting Warm

It’s the morning of Friday, June 21, and we are preparing to record Sinner’s Child. It’s the first of the piano tunes, and more of a challenge to record because Doug Wilde is at the piano in the living room with me singing and playing guitar a few feet away, and Adam on drums nearby in the dining room. The piano is acoustic, and Nik sets up two mics between it and the staircase half-wall in hopes that the drums won’t overpower the piano. I’m sitting in the living room, playing my electric connected by a long cord to my amp around the corner in the bathroom. Jesse’s in the front hallway with his electric bass wired direct into the board in the control room. In the upstairs hallway, looking down at Doug on piano, Laura Bird, Tannis Slimmon, and Jane Lewis are warming up at their microphones. You can hear Adam whacking his snare drum with a brush, and the whirring of James Dean’s camera taking shots. Dennis Gaumond arrives early to sing on the next song and we invite him to hang out in the control room.

Nik: (to Doug as to whether he should have headphones or not) . . . a little voice in the monitors . . .

Doug: I’m okay for now.

Nik: Alright. You can hear pretty much acoustically except for the bass.

Doug: Yeah. Sure.

Tannis (high)Jane (middle), Laura (low): hmmmm-mm-mm . . . whaaaaaat . . .

Sam: Wanna hang out? (to Dennis)

Nik: Welcome to mission control. (to Dennis)

Sam: Nik, do you want us to just run some stuff, or . . . ?

Tannis, Laura, and Jane: What about the . . .

Sam: Okay. Alright. It’s just you and me, Doug.

Doug: Yeah . . .

Sam: So, whenever you wanna start.

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