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Saturday, November 19, 2011

More shows!

Since my last post we've done CD release shows in London and Hamilton, with my other full-band show in Niagara tomorrow evening. 

I've been developing a following in London since first appearing at the Home County Festival. I've played some gigs with Catherine McInnes (Home County's artistic director) and super bass-player Steve Clark, and it takes a while for awareness to build. This time was a tipping point, and the room was almost full. 

Catherine and Steve opened up with five of Catherine's insightful, piano-based songs, and then Jane and I took the stage. Steve stayed on and Catherine played snare drum and added a third harmony. Previous to the gig I send them some charts, and we rehearsed for an hour and a half in the afternoon before the gig. They are consummate pros and it sounded great!

Last Thursday was my first foray into Hamilton, a community that doesn't know me at all. I booked the great Alfie Smith to open and jam with us (Jane and Tricia Brubacher) because his music complements mine and to see if he could introduce his following to me. I had done all the right things—been on radio the Saturday before, had a poster out in time, got a news release to the Hamilton Spectator for which we got a "Best Pick" for that night. 

Not that many people showed up, however, which follows what Alfie said: "Sometimes I've done nothing and the place is packed, and other times done everything and played to no one—I've given up trying to figure it out." 

I don't let that stuff bother me anymore, because the people who come are deserving of a good show, and every person who loves the music is valuable. The folks that came were knocked out and bought CDs. Alfie booked me for a gig with him, Tricia's mother offered us a gig at her house concert series, and the venue owners Judith and Ron want us back for an "Art Crawl" and a regular singalong at their Artword Artbar! So things worked out very well indeed.

Tomorrow night I'm taking the five-piece with Jane, Tannis, Jesse, and Adam to Niagara-on-the-Lake to play for my old hometown crowd at the Old Winery Restaurant. Maybe I'll see you there . . .

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