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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

photo shoot!

Jane shot a ton of photos today, which means we definitely got about three keepers! Here are a few you won't see on posters (well, one is pleasant enough . . . )

Jane thought that standing in front of my living wall of pole beans would be cool, but it's a little too "Farmer Sam."

"What dumb pose do I take next? Oooops!"

See, I can look friendly . . .

"I can play Pinball Wizard on the National . . . "

"I saw ya!" At the end of what Who song did Pete Townshend say this—to who, and why? First correct answer gets a free CD.

The feet of my photographer sweetie.


  1. Ahem ... I believe it was on "Happy Jack" and I think he was speaking to Mr.Moon who had snuck into the studio after being kicked out ... or so the story goes ... for the win.

  2. You are right! A CD to you in addition to the one you will getting anyway. Keith Moon was a practical joker and would distract the others when they were laying down additional tracks, so he was banned from the studio. He sneaked in and was crawling around when Pete saw him and hollered. All on tape!