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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A slow Sunday

Today was a slow, restful Easter Sunday. A day to rest my ears and putter around the old homestead.

The parsnip seeds I soaked last week had sprouted, so I planted a seedling tray with 72 cells. I also transplanted some of my paste tomato seedlings and put three trays of lettuce, chard, and kale in the movable "sun" frame.

In the next few days I’ll be posting images from our sessions. All imagery is by the amazing Jane Lewis—poet, author, composer, pianist, singer, graphic designer, caterer/cook, photographer, and now videographer. Not too talented. Oh yeah—she shot the blog header image too. I think it’s a stunning composition.

Here’s a youtube photo compilation of our home recording transformation that Jane put together -

And here are a few shots -

Nik took over my office!

Ready to play - with a mirror so Tannis and Jane could see me from their upstairs microphones.

A video capture of Tannis and Jane singing upstairs. Although we were playing and singing at the same time, each microphone was sending a signal to it's own track. To make sure we could mix each of these inputs in a balanced way, we had to create enough separation so that sound from one part (especially the drums) wasn't too loud in other mics.

 Larry Kurtz blowin' up a storm on harp.

When Jesse saw the sun today he said, "I have to wear something tropical or I'll go crazy."

Adam Bowman, the kung fu kickin', monster groove drummin' dude.


  1. Magnum P.I. on the bass everyone. Please put your hands together.

  2. Not Magnum P.E.I.?